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Electric load classification and transformer setting method for gymnasium

The electric load of the stadium can be roughly divided into three categories: competition for electricity, air conditioning refrigeration unit electricity, stadium lighting power. In different seasons, the state change of electrical load is very large, so in the power distribution system design for the stadium of the electricity load are classified and analyzed, and the reasonable design of power distribution system. The construction area of the air conditioning load in the stadium is not very large, so the proportion of air-conditioning load compared with the conventional building is not very high. According to the field test data and related information, in the first division and super stadium peak, the competition of electricity, electricity and air conditioning unit inside the stadium lighting power load is roughly proportional relationship between the 1: 1: 1. Based on this situation, according to these three types of load transformer is more reasonable. In the non competition period can be used to disable the game, in the absence of air conditioning season, can be used to stop the air conditioning refrigeration unit transformer, which can reduce the power loss, reduce the daily operating costs.

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