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Requirements of lighting design and some problems to be paid attention to in kindergarten

Influence and restrict the a good lighting environment by illumination, brightness, glare, shadow, color, stability and other factors, we should design appropriate choice. At the same time, we should follow the basic principles of safety, practicality, economy and beauty. In order to meet the requirements of the decoration step by step, we should fully grasp the design premise factors, and strive to create the best program. Effective use of natural light, a reasonable choice of lighting and control areas, and strive to reduce energy consumption indicators. In addition, kindergarten lighting design, should be based on the nature of the use of functional requirements and conditions of use, according to different standards. The provisions of respectively value classroom and office illumination standard illumination, refers to the average illuminance on the working surface of the maintenance. If the design is not specified, all places are the reference level from 0.75m surface as the working face.

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