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Italy Milan Boscolo hotel chain Kangle center lighting technology appreciation

Touch the soul, the impact of human beings, drowning awareness, stimulate emotions and physical senses one of these is the Simon Mikkeli Spa (Architect Simone Micheli) for the origin of Ataomic Suisse creative. In this carefully packed space, people put themselves in a surreal closet, rediscover themselves, and build a new balance between body and mind. All of these elements, such as light, material and color, make it a symbol of instability, emphasizing the new relationship between man and space, time and the present and the future. Ataomic Spa Suisse let people feel the impulse and fantasy, it comes from the building, combined with multiple senses and related to leisure and entertainment all concept, from efficient infrastructure, materials and other guests feel smooth dream. This is an interactive, diverse and unconventional place. The reception desk is white and shiny, bring out the colorful backlight effect and rounded shape, to guide people to "Alice in Wonderland" like magic in the world. The mirror bubbles hang down from the ceiling and sparkle, as they approach the swimming pool, which is a metaphor for the source of the explosion. More than 1 thousand blue bubbles create a kaleidoscope of fantasy scenes, and the two circular skylights, like two big eyes on the roof, illuminate the calm waters of the pool in an almost sacred way. A huge blue LED shower nozzle and dancing branches make the pool more complete. 10m long large projection device covers the entire wall, forming a continuous transformation of the virtual landscape. 6 pieces of soft, flexible, monolithic circuit lines are laid on the Prun stone floor of the leisure area, where the 5 is a single layer, and the 1 is a double layer. The 4 sensory showers are located in a separate area of the recreation area, directly into the swimming pool, with a red LED marked with a hot shower and a blue marked cold shower. The ice maker is located in a cave in the middle of a large tree, with a large circular hole on the outer surface and an effective light source. Sauna benches, 3 cylindrical seats, infrastructure and other facilities are made of cedar. On the other side of the bathroom in Turkey, the white pearl inlaid inside the wall eye-catching, from the bottom of the projection of the colorful light to illuminate the white seat. A special sensory cabin is placed next to the lounge and swimming pool. This class represents a reliable sense of independence and self-confidence of the core, it is completely covered by the reflection of molten metal droplets, and with the installation to provide a new way for people to perceive the colored lights on the entire region. Ataomic Spa Suisse from the elements of the most thorough research and locked in the individual, personal emotion and modern complex and innovative technology, especially in the definition of architectural space and extremely fine lighting technology, locking and find a way of cooperation to a fusion of art and artistic creation, business and industrial products. Turkey bath and sauna room heavy shower in the bathroom Turkey colored lights to enhance the perception of people in the swimming pool vivid huge "trunk" corridor, green fruit and a large closet make the light more interesting reception is white and shiny is run other

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