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British Scotland Glenn Ignatius ESPA spa lighting design appreciation

ESPA Spa by Amanda Rosa (Amanda Rosa) design, from Glenn Hotel Ignatius Art Deco details, with elegant and tranquil indoor atmosphere, reflects the hotel's classic grave. In the current Spa of most similar cases, the Spa LDI was commissioned to create some new and unique things, but also simple and exquisite, the best fusion of traditional and modern, and leisure style suit. The biggest challenge is to achieve a within a limited budget to feel warm and comfortable and luxurious, gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory effect. The spa has 20 therapeutic room, so it is important to create an unforgettable experience in the therapeutic room. The reception was made of warm dark wood and velvet fabric, which brought a sense of luxury. A road leading to the coffee bar area leads the way. This is a dramatic side of the road, along the wall, as if a mosaic of crystal, in fact, only the chromium gold beads, but through the hidden in the seam after the light illuminates the crystal texture. In the recycling area, with the light to highlight the wall material and texture of luxury. With the wall and create lamps illuminates the dramatic effect. One of the most striking features of the spa is deep, almost black, dark brown convalescence pools, with fiber and LED lighting. The fiber changes the color of the water, in sharp contrast to the black background. The ever-changing lighting of the day creates a creative and dramatic path, and each path has a different experience. The whole wall as if inlaid crystal dark brown spa pool, with fiber and LED mixed lighting uplights emote for the wall effect spa entrance therapeutic room with light stressed wall material and texture of luxury


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