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China Beijing Eric Paris salon lighting technology appreciation

Eric - Costantino (Eric) is a French hairdresser, in 1997, he and 5 European counterparts in Beijing set up the first full-service beauty salon Eric Paris. During the 10 years, Eric's salon has been extended to the Beijing and Shanghai, the 6 in, the latest in a Kerry Center in Beijing in 2007. Graft design from Berlin construction company chaired by CD +M, the lighting design team from Atlanta Ted Farrera (Ted Ferreira) responsible for the lighting design, and together they create a new experience for the guests of the beauty salon. The design of the Eric Paris salon revolves around a stairway filled with sense of power and sculpture. The total area of 9 1m2, including the cashier, manicure area, Haircut area, personal beauty care and VIP. Graft to the central staircase as the basis, the mirror as a symbol. Mirror staircase handrails from the cashier next to the floor of the extension, distortion, flip, and finally into the ceiling. The highly polished metal wrapped in the outer side of the staircase is in sharp contrast to the deep red paint of the dark wood pedals and the interior walls of the stairs. Lighting designers to create a set of can highlight and activate the rolling staircase lighting system. In solving a variety of materials for mixed lighting design difficulties, he put aside the spotlights in the ceiling mounted, but near the stairs in the wall configuration with scattering lens MR - 16 halogen uplights, formed by the reflected light above the ceiling mirror. The cashier and Manicure continued the flow curve for features of the region near the incandescent lamp with a shadowless lighting. Whether in the material or escalator lights have tough and hot feeling, and manicure and product display area is soft and quiet. With the display of products usually under light and headlight in different ways, the idea here is to minimize the visual confusion, designers used a strip with a transparent cabinet bracket for fluorescent lamp light from the rear and below, while maintaining a minimalist style at the same time, try to focus on the product itself. The first floor of the cashier and nail area specially reserved for large lighting signs, and the use of the window as much as possible natural light. The most striking feature of Eric Paris is integrated into the architectural lighting salon, a vision to expand the indoor area, on the other hand to create a private space for customers. The central ceiling is indirectly illuminated by a fluorescent lamp, and it looks as if it is floating over the hair cutting mat, and the fluorescent lamp frame around the mirror is a good balance between the incandescent lamp and the fluorescent lamp embedded in the ceiling. For hair and hair color identification, the use of cold or warm light simulation of natural light or incandescent environment is very important. Each hair stylist must independently control the position of the fluorescent holder and incandescent light, to meet the strict color evaluation. Eric Paris retractable mirror to mirror elements in everywhere, and always in unexpected places, many reflected on the mirror creates an atmosphere of excitement, full of exotic Hollywood. Haircut in the public area, the central ceiling for indirect lighting by fluorescent lamp, the stylist can independently control the mirror around the fluorescent lamp box and incandescent lamp embedded in the ceiling, meet the rigorous assessment of hair color product display rack part cloth map lights layer cashier and Manicure area lighting environment balance the dark interior elements, such as wood, red and black pedal arm in the display area and manicure products, designers use strip with a transparent cabinet bracket for fluorescent lamp light from the rear and below, the idea here is to minimize the visual confusion central escalator flashing metal and dark red gloss provides a flow of people with a strong attitude of striking three floors, and the whole The different spaces in the salon


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