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Lighting design appreciation of American Gilbert Yoga Center

Yoga Deva (the word "Deva" comes from Sanskrit, meaning "God") is the center of a self-contained quiet space, and the window of Arizona's scorching sun and dry air to form a strong contrast. People here, I came to another world, breeze blowing, like an oasis in the desert. Yoga Deva is located in a residential area, surrounded by an asphalt parking lot, and some do not have much difference between the buildings, almost no vegetation. The new space of the internal environment showed a shading technique has, building a sense of continuity, and extends to the outside of the narrow space, for the guests in this activity, meditation and yoga therapy provides a good environment. The whole interior space is like a group of blood vessels. The core of the yoga practice room is like the aorta, and other auxiliary spaces, such as reception areas, changing rooms, shops, etc., are like the branches of a blood vessel that are connected to the aorta in order. Here the course includes a variety of Classic Yoga exercises, and even hot yoga courses, to help guests to fully awaken its physical function and flexibility, and help them to remove toxins from the body. The entrance area is a dark space, contrasting with the bright outdoor light in arizona. The narrow space makes it impossible for you to see all the rooms. In front of you only dark paint, dark wood walls, and dark wood crafts. Along the eastern side of the wall is a simple rest area, through the embedded warm light source. At the end of this narrow passage is a blue wall, shining through the cold light, as if to suggest and invite you to move on. And population area contrast, the main practice room filling light, light soft and quiet, no strong light and shade change. Translucent wall around the wall will diffuse into the space light, the window of the sun to the sun suddenly become gentle, gentle. The ceiling above the space is made up of 3 huge curved plates, some of the necessary facilities, such as lighting, air conditioning outlet, fire protection, etc. are hidden in the groove between each arch structure. The lamp is installed that vaulted ceilings even wash Liang, but did not affect the appearance, the exercises help guests from outside. The heart quiet in a quiet world. Entrance and outdoor quiet strong sunlight contrast wall translucent plate soft sunlight filtering Yoga Deva Yoga Center sketch ceiling lighting installation diagram yoga room, ceiling lights will not cause interference hidden entrance to practice

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