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Introduction of intelligent lighting control system

Intelligent lighting control system is the use of advanced electromagnetic pressureregulator and electronic sensor technology, real-time monitoring and tracking of power supply, automatic smoothing to adjust the circuit voltage and current amplitude, improve the extra power consumption load caused the imbalance of lighting circuit, improve power factor, reduce the working temperature of lamps and circuits, to achieve the purpose of lighting power supply control system. With the rapid development of computer technology, communication technology, automatic control technology, fieldbus technology, signal detection technology and microelectronics technology and mutual penetration, lighting control technology has been greatly developed, lighting into the era of intelligent control. The main purpose of the intelligent lighting control system has two: one is to improve the control and management of lighting systems, lighting systems to reduce maintenance costs; two is to save energy and reduce operating costs. The changing of the lighting system applications, the application also gradually complicated and rich and colorful, simple switch alone can not complete the required control, so the lightingcontrol should follow the development and change, in order to meet the needs of practical application. Especially with the development of computer technology, computer network technology, all kinds of new bus technology and automation technology, lighting control technology has been greatly improved. The use of lighting intelligent control conditions according to the change of the environment and objective requirements, user demand and automatic acquisition of all kinds of information in the lighting system, the collection and analysis of information, the corresponding logical reasoning, judgment and analysis according to the form of storage, display and transmission requirements for state feedback control. Accordingly, in order to achieve the expected result.

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