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13 characteristics of intelligent lighting control technology

1, the system can control any loop continuous dimming or switch. 2, easy to use: as a result of a variety of control information can be displayed in graphical form, so easy to control, intuitive display, and the use of programming methods to change the lighting effect. 3, scene control: you can set up a number of different scenarios, fade in the scene, fade out. 4, mobile sensor: the human body infrared detection to achieve the control of the light; if people come to light, people go out the lights (dark). 5, bright illumination sensor: for some occasions can be adjusted according to the intensity of outdoor light indoor light, such as the school classroom constant illumination control. 6, infrared remote control: handheld infrared remote control of light. 7, by the sound, light, heat, human and animal movement detection to achieve the control of light. 8, intelligent: with information collection, transmission, logic analysis, intelligent analysis of reasoning and feedback control and other intelligent features of the control system. 9, access to a variety of sensors for automatic control of light. 10, time control: some occasions can adjust the brightness with the time to go to work. 11, system integration: is a computer technology, computer network communication technology, automatic control technology, microelectronics technology, database technology and system integration technology in one of the modern control system. 12, the system networking: the system can be networked, the use of the above control means for integrated control or intelligent control system with the building network. 13, network: traditional lighting control systems are independent of the local local system, does not need to be connected by a special network, and intelligent lighting control system can control system in large scale, including hardware technology and software technology of computer network communication technology support, to exchange the necessary control information and communication.

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