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Application of intelligent lighting control technology

Application of intelligent lighting control system to ensure that the lamp can work normally under the condition of lighting output an optimal lighting power can be reduced due to overvoltage caused by lighting glare, the light emitted by the light softer, lighting distribution is more uniform, and can greatly save energy saving rate, intelligent lighting control system up to 20%-40%. Intelligent lighting control system which can be used in lighting and hybrid circuits adaptability in grid environment under various load conditions and complicated work continuously and stably, but also effectively prolong the service life of the lamp and reduce maintenance costs. For different working conditions, intelligent lighting control system can be divided into two types: single phase and three phase. The basic types (light) control point (light) control means can directly control the system or equipment of a lamp, the early lighting control system and home lighting control system and common indoor lighting control system basically uses the point (light) control mode, this control method has simple control function only use some electrical switches, wires and combination can complete the light, is the most widely used and most basic lighting control system, is the basic unit of lighting control system. Regional control regional control lighting control system is able to complete the lighting control system of lighting control in a certain region, is characterized by direct or indirect control of all fixtures on the whole control range according to different functional requirements. Because the lighting control system in the design is based on the loop capacity, that is, in accordance with the control of each loop, it is also called Road (line) control lighting control system. In general, the control system of road lighting is composed of the control host, the control signal input unit, the control signal output unit and the communication control unit. The utility model is mainly used for the lighting control of the truth, the lighting of square and public places, the large-scale buildings, the city landmark buildings, the public activity places and the lighting control of the bridge. The network control network controlled lighting control system through many local area lighting equipment of the computer network technology will be networked, thus consists of a control center for lighting control system in unified control, lighting control system control center, unified management to control lighting equipment in the region by computer control, network control lighting system generally consists of the following parts: general database, and by the control application software consists of two parts composed of the lighting control software consists of server, workstation, computer network control computer hardware control system composed of switching equipment, the network lighting control system mainly has the following advantages. Facilitate system management, improve system management efficiency. Improve system control level. Improve the efficiency of system maintenance. Reduce system operation and maintenance costs. Can carry on the programming control of the lighting equipment, produce all kinds of lighting effect. It is convenient to adopt various energy-saving measures to achieve energy-saving lighting control system. The transmission of the control signal and the feedback signal in the lighting network control system is completed by the control signal transmission system, so as to complete the control of the lighting equipment in the control area. Network lighting control system is actually on a number of small areas must control area lighting control system (equipment) for network control area lighting control system (equipment) is a subsystem of the entire networked control system, it can be used as an independent control system, terminal equipment can also be used as a networked control system use. The complete control of each lamp of the entire lighting control system, lighting control equipment installed in each lamp, and can be remotely controlled by the signal transmission unit and the lighting control center communication, so as to complete the control of each lamp (such as on / off, dimming control), and can be related to the monitoring of lighting control the center of each lamp working condition, so as to complete the control of each lamp. Energy-saving lighting system is a global concern, energy-saving lighting can be realized by two ways: one is the use of efficient lighting device (such as light source, lamps and ballasts); two is used in lighting, no lighting is off, to minimize unnecessary lights timelighting turn on the lights and the number of high lighting brightness, it needs to be realized through the lighting control, it mainly includes the following two aspects.

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