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Energy saving and aesthetic emphasis on Bridge Green Lighting Design

In recent years, the introduction of a number of city green lighting planning and policy, new technologies have also been introduced, China's green lighting bridge has been greatly developed, "green lighting, energy-saving lighting has become a lot of domestic lighting company's flagship brand. Kai Ming Lighting chief designer Zhang Wei said: the design is the layout of the entire bridge lighting project planning stage, the status quo, can not be ignored. "Bridge lighting, energy-saving design is the source of" green lighting "concept originated in the United States in 1990s, it is to improve lighting efficiency and save electric power, lighting design and control methods to protect the environment as the main aim. Specifically, is through the correct calculation, the necessary and reasonable selection of electrical equipment and intelligent lighting control system and other means, as far as possible to ensure the bridge lighting, energy saving and environmental protection, including in the construction stage and service stage. This requires from the beginning of the design stage, combined with the design concept, with advanced technology, safe, economic and reasonable, save energy and protect the environment at the same time, the principle of full consideration of maintenance, maintenance, cleaning, replacement of a full range of management factors for the whole design of the control. Green lighting design of bridge is the overall control of lighting energy consumption from the planning level, according to the luminance of different regions, determine the average illuminance, illumination uniformity, so that the overall design to save electricity, reduce the pollution to the environment. It can be seen that the design as the basis of the whole bridge lighting engineering, become the fundamental of green energy saving. Green energy, function and landscape of the bridge for the coexistence of green lighting, in energy saving and environmental protection, but also to meet the safety and comfort of the unified functional lighting and spectacular landscape lighting, all this should start in the design process, to consider the overall situation, according to local conditions, comprehensive evaluation. It is not difficult to find, even after midnight, the bustling metropolis, some bridge section has been rare pedestrians and vehicles, in low traffic on the road still maintain a high intensity obviously is not necessary, overdraft functional lighting. In addition, a part of the bridge road in order to pursue the landscape, blindly seeking light, not only did not achieve the desired effect, but also damage the environment, waste of energy and even cause light pollution, the landscape lighting of overdraft. Therefore, how to ensure the premise of green energy conservation, balance the relationship between the two, to achieve unity, it is necessary to do a good job in the design effort. Bridge lighting is an important element of the city night scene, but also an important urban public space. Therefore, to do a good job in the lighting of the bridge must be considered under the premise of the overall consideration of each detail packaging. As the chief designer of lighting Zhimei Ren Jian said: "in order to create art attitude, build the bridge lighting design comfortable, beautiful and reasonable, is our common goal of lighting designers. At present, the domestic bridge lighting design in recent years, the rapid development of many of Shenzhen's many lighting engineering and lighting design company, began to work in this area. I believe that as long as we can attach importance to the design of the bridge lighting energy conservation work in our country to a higher level.

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