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Artistic charm of light

The role of light on the visual function of the human play is extremely important, because there is no light and no color and color, but also can not see everything. Illumination is not only the physiological needs of human visual object shape, space, color, but also

Beautify the environment must not lack of material conditions. Light can form space, but also can change the space; can beautify the space, but also destroy the space. Different lighting not only illuminates all kinds of space, but also can create different space

Sentiment and atmosphere. The same space, if the use of different lighting methods, different positions, different directions, different lighting, different light intensity and color, can obtain a variety of visual spatial effects: if there is

When the bright and spacious, sometimes dull repressed; sometimes warm and comfortable, sometimes restless; sometimes joyful, sometimes eerie; sometimes warm and sometimes cold, cold; sometimes romantic, sometimes have a mysterious feeling

And so on, the charm of light can be described as unpredictable.

Principle of light composition

1, the three law of people mixed colored light eyes not only produces a color for monochromatic light, and the mixed light can also produce the same color. Color mixing phenomenon summed up as three laws: the law of light, middle color Tianjin, instead of law.

The complementary law -- every color has another with its mixture of produce white light, the two colors are called complementary colors. Such as blue and yellow light, green and purple, red and blue mixed can produce white light. In

The two law is that the mixing of the two kinds of non complementary light does not produce white light. For example, red and green, according to the proportion of mixed, and can be between the two orange, yellow, yellow

Orange, etc..

Instead of the law the same color can be made up of different spectra. As long as the feeling is similar to the color, can replace each other.

For example: A (yellow light) =B (red + green), C (Qing Guang) =D (blue + green), A (yellow light) +C (Qing Guang) =B (red + green) +D (blue + green), the result is A (yellow)

Light) +C (Qing Guang) = light green, B (red + green) +D (blue + green) = Red + Green + Blue + Green = white + Green = green light. This is the substitution law. It is a very optical color

The modern law of colorimetry is based on this theory. Light mixing law belongs to the color mixing, it is mixed with dyes and pigments on the contrary, the latter is the mixture of subtractive color mixing, rules of the opposite.

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