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How to configure the factory lamp

(1) the factory lighting must meet production and inspection needs, building lighting system is usually divided into two categories: the height of 15 meters above the tall building, commonly used gas discharge lamp as the light source in the roof, hoisting truss with narrow beam lamp. The wall and the column can be provided with a fluorescent light, which is combined to ensure the required illuminance on the working face. General plant, the use of high power fluorescent lamps as the main light source, lamps can be arranged in parallel with the beam can also be parallel to the beam.

(2) the following principles shall be followed for the selection of enterprise lighting fixtures:

Maintenance and safety should be considered.

Explosive gas or dust in the plant, should be used dust, waterproof or explosion-proof lamps, control switches should not be installed in the same place, the need to install in the same place should be explosion-proof switch

Wet indoor and outdoor places, should choose to have the crystallization of the water outlet of a closed lamp or with a waterproof opening of the lamp.

Hot and dusty places should be used to cast light.

The corrosive gas and the moist room, should use the seal type lamps and lanterns, each part of the lamps and lanterns should do the antiseptic treatment, the switch equipment should add the protection device.

The dust of the room, according to the discharge amount and properties of dust, should use fully enclosed lamps.

The lamp may be subjected to mechanical injury within the plant, should be used with protective net lamp; shock sites (such as forging clock, air compressor, bridge crane, place) should be used lamps with shockproof device.

It is more than 150 Watt light bulb and sealed in the lamp, the lamp shall be used bakelite, porcelain lamp.

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