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Analysis on the application of LED lamps in stage and studio

Definition of LED lamps

Refers to the semiconductor light-emitting diode lamp that is LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamps, is a semiconductor solid-state light-emitting devices. It is used as luminescent materials using solid semiconductor chips in the semiconductor carrier occurs through release of excess energy complex caused by photon emission, directly emit red, yellow and blue, green, orange, purple, white light. LED lighting products is the use of LED as a light source to create the lighting equipment.

Advantages of LED lamps

High energy saving: energy saving pollution-free. DC drive, ultra low power (single tube 0.03-0.06 watts) electro-optic power conversion close to 100%, the same lighting effect than the traditional light source energy saving more than 80%.

Long life: LED light source has called it a long life lamp, which means that it will never go out. Solid-state light, epoxy resin packaging, light body and no loose parts, there is no filament burnability, thermal deposition, depreciation and other shortcomings, the service life of up to 60 thousand to 100 thousand hours, 10 times longer than traditional light source life above.

Changeable Magic: LED light source can use red, green and blue three color principle, in computer technology under the control of the three colors with 256 gray scales and arbitrary mixed, can produce finished one thousand and six hundred or more colors to form a combination of different colors can be the most changeful dynamic effect, and a variety of rich and colorful images.

Environmental benefits: better environmental benefits, no ultraviolet and infrared spectrum, no heat, no radiation, small glare, no pollution and waste Recyclable, no mercury, cold light, safe touch, which belongs to the typical green lighting source.

High point: compared with the traditional light source luminous effect of LED light source is monotonous, low-voltage micro electronics, the successful integration of the computer technology, network communication technology, image processing technology, embedded control technology, so it is digital information products, is a semiconductor photoelectric device of high point technology, with online programming, unlimited upgrades, flexible the characteristics of.

Especially in recent years, LED technology is gradually mature, stage lighting, television studio hall and other places of the full application of LED lamps under the control of a computer program, a variety of color combination to be the most changeful stage shine.

The actual effect analysis of different light types

According to the different shapes of the LED lamps produced by the different effects of light, the overall is divided into point light, line light and surface light three light.

Spot light analysis

The light source of LED is close to the "point" light source, the area is small, the energy consumption is small, and the far view appears in the form of "dot", which is usually divided into two types: the target point Point (Target) and the free point light source (FreePoint). The two difference lies in the fixed and random position of the light source.

Point light effect in the large stage of the application of the main background of the decoration and the creation of the atmosphere. Point light random size, color, light and shade, location and other changes. Such as the stars, such as flowing rivers, such as the sparkling water, in the art of call, can be transformed into a multi-level, multi - change, multi - combination of the dream effect.

Light can also be fixed by processing the light show different art forms, animal, plant, text and even enterprise logo, the scene of the stage like a dream. At the same time in the outdoor scene lighting art performances, not only on the stage, but also on the stage around the background light processing, such as: steel structure buildings, open-air stage around the stage. Through processing, so that the surrounding background and the stage itself into a stage, as part of the stage design.

For the Beijing Olympics in 2008 by LED light composed of fantasy rings slowly rising and the background audience each other, like a dream.

Point light stage performing environment analysis

Stage environment background

Visual effects at night

Visual effects under LED light

Glass curtain wall building

Dark, deep and unfathomable, with a deep blue effect without a light.

The glass curtain wall between the block and the block will show a dark metal bracket, some of the glass block will be in the open state will appear more black.

Because of the smooth nature of the material, sometimes in the glass curtain wall of the building around the light reflected light, the formation of local uncoordinated reflection effect.

The biggest characteristic of light is that the existence of "point", the night in the dark of the glass curtain wall, light can appear as stars, like the sparkling lake, flowing like the spring flowers so bright and dazzling visual effects, reverie. Glass curtain wall has a strong ability to reflect light, the effect of light will be reflected through the layers of glass mirror more mysterious. At the same time, it can also be used to make the "point" into "face" through a certain modeling method. If from the point of view of the display LED light effect, the huge glass curtain wall is indeed a good choice for the background.

LED point light can be used to control the system to produce blue, white color changes and geometric changes. So that the dark night "black" vivid, vivid, and effectively avoid the light pollution, reducing the night sky stars flashing color. Contribute to the interpretation of the stage environment rendering, so as to integrate, complement each other.

Reinforced concrete structure

Reinforced concrete buildings because of the reasons for the solid color will show warm dark gray. The surface of the building is rough, the ability of absorbing light is strong and the reflecting ability is weak. Not easily affected by the surrounding light source

When the interpretation of concrete buildings around the stage background of reinforcement for the background, because of strong light absorption, LED light effect will be.

In order to avoid this situation, we have to deal with the point of light, so that the point of light into the surface. In the face of treatment should pay attention to the combination of virtual and real, far and near, the size of the combination. According to the stage on the program and make some changes, so as to be the background of the reinforced concrete buildings vivid.

Brick building

Because most of the city's buildings is generally based on tile tile based, so this kind of buildings in the visual characteristics of night is not the color black, but dark gray or gray. The tile surface is smooth, so it is easy to be affected by the ambient light".

If the stage shows the surrounding environment for building the background of tiles, LED light in tile background will appear under the effect of strong reflection, like tiny spots scattered. When the LED point of light in the form of array effect will be even more shocking. LED as a light source, bright colors,

Soft light, rich lighting changes program.

Night landscape analysis

In the performing arts scene in the surrounding environment can not be expected to occur in the trees and grass, rockery and city sculpture to the content of the city landscape, and the landscape in the absence of under the influence of light will appear dark grey, irregular shaped objects. The "landscape" must be taken into account in the actual stage design.

There may be some form of landscape around the stage of the performing arts, which must be taken into account. Such as rockery, trees, flowers and other objects need to be lit by light, so that the effect of integration with the stage, as part of the stage art.

Two, digital tube (line light) analysis

Line light mainly refers to the line lamps (digital tube) to produce a continuous line of light emitting light, according to the length of the lamp production, up to one hundred meters long.

LED digital tube light emitting diode as a light-emitting unit, the color has a single red, yellow, blue, green, white, colorful effect. Monochrome, all available segments CPT building, road embankment outline lighting, LED digital tube can be uniformly distributed in the formation of large area display area, display patterns and characters, and can play different formats of video files. Through the computer to play flash, animation, text and other documents, or the use of animation design software to design personalized animation, playing a variety of dynamic color graphics effects.

Digital tube can be placed in the PCB circuit board according to RGB arranged in a linear sequence, a dedicated driver chip to control the color and graphics, which with countless changes. LED guardrail tube has the advantages of low power consumption, no heat, impact resistance, long life and other advantages, with the controller, you can achieve water, gradient, jump, chase and other effects. If applied to large area engineering, computer connected synchronous controller can also display patterns, animation video equivalent LED full-color digital tube can form a simulation of LED display, analog display can provide various full-color effect and dynamic display image character, and can be used to machine control or computer connected to the implementation of synchronous control; can display the dynamic effect of every kind of color the.

Mainly used for building wall, advertising signs, high-grade DISCO, bar, nightclub, club door billboards etc.. The utility model is especially suitable for being used in the background of the billboard, the overpass, the river, the lake guardrail, the building outline, and the like. The decorative structure of the building can be used to highlight the effect of the building. Facts have proved that it has become a wonderful lighting products, blooming in the dynamic city.

Digital tube (linear) stage performing environment analysis

Stage environment background

Visual effects under LED line light

Glass curtain wall building

Line light has the feeling of the line, can grow short. Length up to 100m. Under the background of the glass curtain wall can be used to identify the outline of the building, so as to make the appearance bright.

The utility model can also be used for laying the digital tube on the wall surface of the curtain wall to form a surface of the digital tube. Because of a dense array of digital tube, through the control of a computer program, can be directly on the performing stage screen live broadcast, become a large TV screen, with high decibel sound, the effect will be very shocking.

Mixed soil structure

Digital tube will be used to identify the shape of each floor, with a point light assisted. Through the effective control of the computer program, the external walls of the building can produce dynamic images, showing a variety of patterns, playing multimedia video continuously. At the same time using a variety of techniques, such as lighting projection, will direct the activities of the scene to live projection smooth walls, let the remote viewers can also enjoy the "big screen" brought strong field experience.

Brick building

Such as acting site building tiles can form line light through the digital tube dynamic, outline the shape of the buildings.

The tiles in the night reflective ability is very strong, the characteristics of strong reflection in building the digital tube wall laying certain geometry, with the controller, combined with live entertainment content, along with the rhythm of the music to achieve water, gradient, jump, chase effect effect and so on. So as to break the collage feeling, dynamic.

Night landscape analysis

Digital arts scene around the landscape features of the light hook, because the program control, when the program requires a certain landscape as background decoration, can be formed into the landscape to highlight the performance of the content. When not needed

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