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Change the use of light LED lighting a substantial expansion of the use of

In 2011 at the same venue "lighting exhibition, many visitors and exhibitors suffered a major earthquake in the last day of March 11th, the situation is still very fresh, and this year, held every two years LEDNextStage and held at the same venue. In this exhibition can be felt, the Japanese LED lighting industry has made great progress this year. With the earthquake as an opportunity, "energy saving" the key words in japan.

March 6, 2012 to 9, the Japanese economic news agency and the Japan LED lighting Promotion Agreement (JLEDS) jointly organized by the "LEDNextStage2012" held in Tokyo International Convention and Exhibition center.

In these four days, a total of visitors to 69 thousand and 191 people. In 2011 at the same venue "lighting exhibition, many visitors and exhibitors suffered a major earthquake in the last day of March 11th, the situation is still very fresh, and this year, held every two years LEDNextStage and held at the same venue.

In this exhibition can be felt, the Japanese LED lighting industry has made great progress this year. With the earthquake as an opportunity, "energy saving" the key word in Japan more attention, this time, the company to achieve a more comfortable space, in order to create a "energy efficient and comfortable space" as the theme of a large number of display.

In this exhibition can be seen, for the realization of comfortable space, improve the luminous efficiency, lighting efficiency, color rendering index and light distribution angle of lighting appliance product line has been expanded, but only those properties of products are becoming more and more difficult to form a clear difference.

Therefore, the show appeared on the user feel the use of lighting proposal. In addition, we can see that by increasing the luminous flux to expand the scope of the use of LED lighting appliances may be further expanded, such as high ceiling lamps and light emitting devices and other outdoor lighting products. In addition, a combination of "visible light communication system" products is also shown.

The proposal uses light lighting proposals focus usage in the user experience, from the circadian rhythm (Circadianrhythm), using light to create a sense of prosperity, make the skin look more beautiful, shining through implementation of filling light "," afterglow with function LED lamp "and other aspects of the reference display.

Panasonic shows the technology to control lighting based on circadian rhythms. Day and night English is "circadian", from the beginning of 1959. Circadian rhythm refers to the human body clock cycle with a period of about 24 hours.

In 2010 by the lighting designer Ishii Mikiko and Rom, Okamura made use of common development of lighting technology of the rhythm, has been part of the practical, in order to Matsushita to market products also launched the action.

The company proposed the use of lighting light wavelength control technology and circadian rhythm, taking into account the comfort and environmental protection lighting program.

In addition, it also plans to launch in April 15, 2012 began as "LED lighting products' color".

Envisaged in the cosmetics store, fitting room and beauty room, etc..

"Micron color" is to make the skin look more close to the Japanese female ideal color light proposal, by reducing significantly make dull skin and make skin look more beautiful wavelength.

Toshiba lighting technology has proposed the use of a sense of brightness as the concept of "Weluna", the quantitative performance of indirect illumination (reflected to the wall, etc., after the arrival of the eye light) numerical indicators.

The company stressed that the use of the indicators can achieve both energy-efficient and bright lighting space. Panasonic also has independent indicators "Feu". Companies have set new targets for light. "Weluna" is a combination of "Luna" which means "good", "Well" and "month". To create a comfortable and soft lighting space.

A light that is reflected in the lighting space to the ceiling, walls, floors, etc..

In addition, as the "E-Corecustom", the module of power, color temperature and color rendering index can be "semi custom" (Semi-Order) in accordance with the preferences of customers customized sales methods, etc..

NEC lighting reference on the display with the afterglow of the LED lamp. The company's products, "hotalook" technology used in the LED lighting, turn off the power supply can be used to store electricity stored in the capacitor to create a afterglow. The afterglow time is much longer than the fluorescent lamp equipped with hotalook, can last more than and 10 minutes. The utility model has the advantages of no need to panic when the power is suddenly cut off, and the light can be easily moved after the light is turned off. High ceiling products to high luminous flux low price change high ceiling with LED lighting, the company exhibited a low power consumption to achieve 700W and 400W mercury lamp brightness products.

In accordance with these uses, CITIZEN electronic reference exhibits a high ceiling lighting, with a LED to achieve 20 thousand 2822lm of large amount of light LED.

The LED power consumption is 90W, higher than last year's release of 10 thousand 7675lm products.

MITSUBISHI electric lighting reference shows a high ceiling with LED ceiling lamp "LEDClass3000".

This product can achieve the same brightness as 700W mercury lamp with 310W power consumption. The luminous flux is 20 thousand 8000lm. Light source life of up to 60 thousand hours, the mercury lamp is 5 times, can greatly reduce the maintenance of lamps.

And the company has released last year with 400W mercury lamp the same brightness of LEDClass1500 (flux of 10 thousand 5000lm, power consumption of 170W) compared to the product will be increased by a brightness of 1 times.

Toshiba lighting technology high ceiling LED lighting appliances, with 200W power consumption to ensure the same brightness as the 400W metal halide lamp. The luminous flux is 20 thousand lm. The life of the light source is 5 times of the metal halide lamp for 12 thousand hours, 60 thousand hours of Iwasaki electrical reference display (built-in wireless communication distance is about 100m) dimming function LED light "LEDiocFLOODNEOWIRELESS" and other unique products.

Also exhibited last year began to sell, to ensure that the 300W with the same amount of light from the mercury lamp "LEDiocLEDEYELAMP52W", this will be reduced to 840g.

Because the light is almost free of mosquitoes and flies the ultraviolet wavelength, therefore has the characteristics of mosquitoes are not easy to close.

The company displays visible light communication products in this exhibition, you can also see a few LED lighting and visible light communication system combined with wireless products.

The characteristics of such products, with lighting can exist in any place in the pan, and can use the universal existing lighting and wire infrastructure and, because of the illumination light emitting wavelength frequency has no legal restrictions, can also use large data transmission bandwidth, because there is no electromagnetic interference, but also can be used in hospital and the plane in other places.

Japan OutstandingTechnology, Nakagawa Institute and Tamura produced by all demonstrate such products. OutstandingTechnology exposes the use of visible light (wavelength of about 360nm ~ 830nm) communication system. The terminal will be placed under the lamp, you can get information. Communication distance is the range of light, the data transmission speed is 4, 5Mbit/ seconds.

The use of a variety of ideas, in addition to the environment can not be used in the water, such as radio communication, but also can be used for digital signage (embedded in the backlight, the transmission of sound and data), etc.. However, it is difficult to transmit high-definition video data.

Nakagawa Institute shows the LED lighting products with image transmission function, conceived through in the existing information terminal (iPad/iPhone) equipped with dedicated data receiving card to use.

Data transmission speed of 4Mbit/ seconds, so to achieve video communications, but also need to be further improved, but there is no problem sending pictures.

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