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Installation considerations for Outdoor lights

Grounding: lamps and lanterns must have good according to the requirement of the specifications of wiring and grounding, I kind of lamps and lanterns is not ground becomes a approximate 0 class of lamps and lanterns;
Allows the voltage fluctuation of: HCI ceramic metal halide lamp, HQI Shi Yingjin halide lamp and NAV high-pressure sodium lamp voltage fluctuation in a short period of time shall not be more than + / - 5% range, allow the range of + / - 3% for a long time, the larger voltage change will shorten the life of the lamp and cause color deviation;
The use of light source: frequent switch will shorten the life of the lamp;
Ballast: light source and the distance between the ballast is restricted, the general must not exceed 3 meters;
Starting current, HCI, HQI and NAV in accordance with the different ballast, light starting current can be up to 2 times the working current, so the circuit design must consider the electric current, or switch easy trip;
Flux: light source in 100 to 100 hours parameters is stable, T and TS type ignition point position is horizontal, vertical lamp holder, and E is light when the light of different position, the luminous flux, color temperature and even the life has significant difference;
Color deviation: for all the HQI and HCI metal halide lamp, the lamp and lamp are likely to have color deviation between the color deviation is due to the power supply voltage, the influence of external factors such as the design of the ballast and lamps and lanterns, the influence factors of the light color temperature consistency:
Internal cause: the consistency of the electric arc tube (mercury filling amount, electrode gap, volume, etc.), the present situation and the size determines the consistency of the lamp power and cold spot temperature, the influence of the density of halide, which determines the lamp correlated color temperature is consistent.Current foreign advanced level, the same light source factory correlated color temperature can be controlled in tolerance + / - about 100 k, and the domestic advanced level in the + / - around 300 k.For 3000 k metal halide lamp, this a 600 k color temperature difference with the naked eye is very easy to feel.
External: different ignition point location can differ 600 k, the parameters of the power supply voltage, the capacitance of form a complete set, the relevant industry standards, below the rated power of 400 w, ballast adjustment rate shall be 10% or less;But supporting ty lighting constant power electronic ballast, can well prevent color temperature deviation.
Number of installation: on the same branch of parallel light suggest no more than 4, in order to reduce the change of the voltage, phase with the voltage different color problem can cause light source, such as customers have special request for illumination and color rendering, advising clients to choose HCI ceramic metal halide light source, form a complete set of constant power metal halide lamp electronic ballast, the price is more expensive;
Buried lamp installation matters: buried lamp installation of embedded tub first, when installing a light source, must use toughened glass good compaction waterproof silicone, diagonal evenly tighten the screw, can't install in the driveway of the plaza, the regular production of buried lights reserved for HID class 0.5 meters of the three core cables, wiring outside with a waterproof box, waterproof IP67 level requirements, the company factory is not equipped with waterproof box (to another), buried lamp must have at least 20 cm filter layer, the best and drain ditch;10, underwater lamp installation matters: the regular production of underwater lamp reserved 1 meter three core cable, wiring outside with a waterproof box, IP68 waterproofing of requirements, the company factory is not equipped with waterproof box (to another), for the sake of safety, underwater lamp is generally need transformer, transformer waterproof class is IP44, so the underwater lamp electric shock proof for class III grade, transformer must be installed in the pond shore, cannot install the underwater;
General (cast) light installation matters: generalized (cast) light when installing a light source, toughened glass good compaction waterproof silicone, floodlight, Angle can be adjusted according to the lighting design requirements, all generic (cast) light lights, buried lights and wall lamp, can not be block content covers, the distance on the product label has noted, all lamps and lanterns is not installed in the fuel surface (fuel surface refers to the 130 degrees can burn objects).
Line number and rated current regulation: the minimum cross section area of conductor
Rated current (A) nominal cross sectional area (was)
0.2 or less wire conductor
> 0.2 and 3 0.5 or less
> 3 and 6 0.75 or less
1 > 6 and 10 or less
> 10 and 16 1.5 or less
> 16 and 25 2.5 or less
> 25 and 32 4 or less
> 32 and forty six or less
> 40 and 63 10 or less
The installation of the light source: HID light source and electric must match, must be installed on the base of good, not unarmed illuminant installation, the company's products in each set of lamps and lanterns is equipped with a pair of a one-time film gloves, used to install the light source;
Light source and electrical supporting: A and sodium lamp of the American standard and European standard;B, below 150 w metal halide lamp does not distinguish between American standard and European standard, with sodium lamp of the same kind of electrical component;C, 250 w and 400 w metal halide lamp American standard and European standard, in strict accordance with the requirements of wiring and electric light source collocation;
Waterproof connector installation: all the lamps and lanterns of waterproof connector, must tighten the waterproof connector, if necessary in the waterproof connector into the line hole location on the glass glue or silicone.
Dustproof, waterproof, protection grade: IPXX said the first X said dustproof, said the second waterproof.The definition of specific explanation in the catalog.
Words and symbols that signs:
Rated the highest temperature: t a 0 c
Amp, A frequency: Hz V: V AC, DC, AC DC power: W (watt)
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