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Night view lighting must know the 5 questions

What is the night view lighting design?
The meaning of the landscape is very broad, generally includes two kinds of soft and hard landscape. And night view lighting design also involves two parts: indoor and outdoor lighting.And common types of night scene illumination design are park night view lighting design, lighting design, square night scene lighting, sculpture, lighting design, plant lighting, etc.
The types of night scene illumination design?
Night view lighting design can be divided into two types of representation and reshaping, specific to how to design, lighting designers to decide.For example reappearance lighting, light saturation low, mainly display object color.Remodeling can consider high purity in lighting light source, show color is light.
Why do we need to implement a night scene illumination design?
Excellent city night view lighting design is able to beautify the city, improve the image of the city at night, promote the development of urban tourism economy and night, has important social significance.
What's the relationship between night view lighting design and lighting.
Now night scene illumination design feeling is equivalent to the surroundings.Lighting designers should consider the dark, this is a process of visual contrast.All around the dark, light target brighter, already feel light.Now everywhere is bright, lighting designers can't design can only be brighter.
Night view lighting design lighting important or night reflective luminance brightness?
The brightness of the lighting source, high spectral and night do not match, make reflection intensity is low, is not enough, with the brightness index evaluation is more complex, landscape brightness and the viewing Angle.Lighting light source, high luminous efficiency, luminous flux is big, the natural brightness.
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