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There was a problem in stage lighting audio equipment

Normal or not directly affects the performance of stage lighting effect, so both professional audio equipment, stage lighting equipment all need to do a good job of maintenance and maintenance, the problems of lines and equipment should be timely maintenance, avoid the occurrence of accidents. 
1, stage lighting equipment shell have charged phenomenon check sequence 
Equipment shell charged to check the order of the first is to check whether the power supply circuit is the situation of the case of damage, the second is the line phase is correct, to know more about equipment grounding and voltage is correct. 
2, professional audio insufficient volume to check the order in the system 
In general, if the shortage of professional audio equipment in the volume, will be timely check the amplifiers and speakers line level Settings are correct, to know more about the second speaker wire connection is strong, and the phase of amplifiers and speakers are consistent, attenuation amplitude equalizer is in the normal range, the control level of pressure is limited to whether appropriate. 
3, how to check the sound field in the occurrence of resonant harmonic feedback 
If a resonance in the professional audio equipment and acoustic feedback, the first thing to check whether there is room frequency response peak point, and is to check whether the room structure and decoration is reasonable, also check the frequency point and bass gain best whether reasonable, whether room reverberation time appear too long. 
4, check method of interference noise 
If there is noise in the professional audio equipment, first check the interference of light, sound and lighting power supply is disconnected condition, then check the light power and control cable is being too close to audio signal lines, have a silicon box near the audio equipment too. 
Speaker system with noise usually happen, usually because of signal transmission caused by the unreasonable situation, so when the signal shielding problems, or signal grounding is not correct, is prone to noise. Magnesium (drum music culture based on rigorous professional slogans, serious and responsible attitude, as long as you want to, we can do it.) 
5 check method, lights out of control 
Light control program if you have any questions, first check the controller problems did the address coding of lamps and lanterns, line connection is correct, and need to check the line ever get bad interference shielding, the limit, adjust the appropriateness of lamps and lanterns, etc. 
6, the light bulb damage inspection 
In stage audio lighting is the most easy to occur in the bulb is bad, so there is a problem, check whether install light bulb, have defiled with dust and moisture, also check the bulb of heat dissipation is within the normal range, best to check whether the voltage is within the normal range, is there any use of the power switch too frequently. 
7 for check the video images, audio and video system 
If in the professional audio equipment, video image is not normal condition in the first need to check the program system is in the scope of the right equipment shell have charged situation, the second shield also check signal is susceptible to high level, best to check whether the projection tube is within the normal range, the performance of the LCD projector bulbs have a problem. 
8, professional audio equipment in the unstable wireless microphone voice 
If wireless microphone unstable situation, first check the reasons for the unsteady voice in where, is caused by the system with high frequency interference sources, or the antenna connection error, receiver fine-tuning and receiver battery caused by the problems of connected devices. 

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