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Innovation of landscape design elements

A city with water is full of spirituality, and a city full of water. Application of light and shadow, color, texture and other elements with the terrain, water, plants, buildings and structures and other elements to create a new experience in the garden.

We see some of the cultural elements of the city is tangible, some cultural elements are intangible, some cultural elements in the center of attention, while others are living in a corner. You can use the organic light about art form, the diversity of cultural symbols to re play the marshalling series to the appropriate carrier city blocks, a group of interval will be the lack of the characteristics of the formation of cultural communication stage.

We see in a group of coastal buildings, the construction project may not have prominent characteristics, but the outline of the building has the sense of form, form a certain block surface graphics if necessary art processing, is not a hook, jumping Lantern: but to add some new elements into a new culture. Theme. So we are pleased to see a group of performance history of salt transport life group lamp works. Ingenious art is always at every level to meet the aesthetic needs of different sectors of the city residents in the old man: with children about city history; young people will be glad to take some attention to culture and art view; people will see the landscape comparison of the actual situation in the construction of a face, delicate expression tone and a halo. This is the city, this is art, this is life, let everyone play their proper role.

The most critical part of the landscape is how to refine the expression of the theme, the elements will be organically integrated into a whole, and show a good spatial hierarchy and reading hierarchy. If the individual attractions in Zigong have what day it simplified color beauty, deepen the connotation, the brightness is weaken, there is more room for improvement and integration of several aspects surrounding the relationship between three.

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