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Notes on lighting design for office area

1 visual objects

Visual objects are people with the purpose of behavior, with the need to pay attention to watch, the object and the environment. The object of attention is the direct purpose of the action and behavior of people, that is, the object that must be watched or desired. There is a direct relationship between the environment and the action is very small, but people look around to see the situation. General office work, the environment is based on data, terminal (visual display) and other objects, in order to watch written work. The relationship between people is very important in business, therefore, the face is also an important object of attention.

2 the object of attention should be paid attention to matters

Ensure the illumination of working surface;

To prevent the light source from the screen surface;

To ensure the staff's face illumination.

3 environmental matters to be noted

Prevent discomfort glare;

Suitable for the illuminance value.

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