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Analysis of the four key technologies of LED fluorescent lamp, projection lamp, street lamp and other LED lamps

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Fluorescent lamp has been widely used in daily life, supermarket, school, office, subway and so on, all can see the public places, extensive use of fluorescent lamp can see! Energy saving performance of LED fluorescent lamp, after a lot of publicity and long time, we have been very recognized, but LED fluorescent lamps spend heavily back, many of them are now go to a cheap energy-saving lamps with the same situation: energy saving without money! And lots of waste of money, how to make use of LED to make use of the life and brightness are satisfied with the standard, is a very meaningful topic! LED fluorescent lamp to maintain a long life and high brightness, is to solve the problem of power supply, LED light source, heat radiation, safety four key technologies:

First, power

Power is the primary requirement of high efficiency, high efficiency of the product, the heat is low, the stability is bound to high. Usually in isolation and non isolation power supply useful two schemes, isolated volume, low efficiency, in use, the installation will have a lot of problems, as the non isolated product market prospects, we mainly discuss the driving scheme of non isolated.

Non isolated use of LED fluorescent lamp power to Beijing Chang Hui foundation Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. LED fluorescent lamp, for example, power characteristics:

1, the city power supply (85~265V), external MOS, power is not limited;

2, low power consumption, high efficiency, high power factor;

3, with load open circuit and short circuit protection, output overvoltage protection function, good current ripple characteristics, the output current is similar to DC DC, no flash phenomenon, high load capacity, can drive up to 600mA of the current;

4, the customer has made the standard circuit, the efficiency of 15W 88%, 0.91 power factor, can be certified by CE, including the EN55015 EMI test, 25W lighting following C harmonic standards, EFT 1000V pulse test, static test of ESD 2000V. The 15 series can be used to control the output voltage, without the use of traditional large capacitors, can be very good control of the output current harmonic;

5, Chang Hui's LED solar application program is more mature and reliable, we can provide LED fluorescent lamp can be tested on the PCB line and BOM table reference to improve the speed of customer design and development of products EMC!

Two, LED light source

Using the patent structure of Taiwan lumenmax of the LED chip, the chip is placed on the pin, the heat generated will be directly a silver foot chip node tropical, with the traditional line of products, and different traditional patch products are in the heat of the matter, the temperature will not cause the cumulative node chip, thereby to ensure the good use of the source lamp, ensure source lamp long-life, low light attenuation.

The traditional patch products, although through positive and negative pole connecting wire chip, heat is also generated through allowing the chip connected to the foot of gold silver, thermal and electrical conduction are money transmission, the long time accumulation of heat will directly affect the life of LED fluorescent lamp.

Three, heat dissipation

Infrared radiation is introduced and applied to the fluorescent tube, is an important means to improve the service life of the lamp. In the heat considered, we will separate heat LED source lamp and power dissipation, do not interfere with each other, so as to ensure the rationality of heat dissipation.

There are three ways of heat conduction, convection, conduction and radiation. In a closed environment, convection and conduction may be achieved, and the heat radiated through the radiation, is the focus of daylight lamp. The following is the test data we do the LED lamp, the silver pin in the LED solder outside the measured temperature of 58 degrees. The above data for input power: 11.2 watts, luminous flux: 890LM test report. The maximum tube temperature is 40.213 degrees, so that the temperature of the capacitor can be a long time, so as to ensure the long life of the power supply!

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