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How to reasonably decorate the bedroom lighting?

According to statistics, the average person every day and almost half of the time spent at home, considerably more than stay in the office, the school time in the bedroom every day on average more than 6h, so the housing luminous environment is crucial.

The bedroom is used for sleep, rest space. Therefore, the general lighting should be set in the bedroom above the bed near the edge of the foot at the same time, appropriate selection of light source with low color temperature and suitable to control the lighting glare. When you need to create a spacious and comfortable space can be displayed, the bedroom can not be installed in general lighting, and the use of floor lamp and desk lamp composed of leisure and comfortable environment.

In order to read on the bed, you can set the bedside wall lamp, or the use of bedside table lamp to provide bedside reading lighting. Bedside lamp is unfavorable for the location of the bedroom bed transformation, will be affected by the wall fixed position constraint, and set the lamp on the bedside table is only suitable for single use is not suitable for reading, people (adults and children) while reading. Therefore, when the bedroom is used for children's bedroom, it is necessary to set a relatively bright general lighting, can be used for short time reading and storytelling to children.

Bedroom bedside table lamp or wall lamp should not choose incandescent lamp, halogen lamp and other light source, in order to reduce the thermal radiation on the head of the discomfort.

The bedroom also has the possibility of watching TV, the bedroom lighting should meet the lighting requirements when watching tv.

The general lighting control of the bedroom, conditional wireless remote control can be selected and smooth dimming.

Bedroom night light visual requirements set. Suitable locations outside optional night lights in the table below the bed or sleep view, when using the general lighting lamp is equipped with two light sources in a weak light or light adjustable desk lamp, can be used for night use temporarily.

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