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What are the common lighting methods?

Lighting means the basic mode of lighting equipment in accordance with its installation location or use function. It is divided into general lighting, general lighting, local lighting and mixed lighting.

(1) general lighting

Uniform lighting for the entire site is called general illumination.

In order to ensure the personnel in the places of activities, for the working position of high density and no special requirements on the illumination direction of the place, shall be equipped with general lighting, the lighting indicators should meet the requirements of relevant standards, and the lowest illuminance in general should not be lower than 20lx

(2) general lighting

For different areas of the same place, the design of a different lighting to illuminate the area of general lighting is called the general lighting division.

District general lighting can effectively save energy. Such as the installation of the production line assembly workshop, the line to meet the needs of the work of fine lighting visual work, and next to the regional lighting as long as the traffic and rest to meet the visual needs.

(3) local lighting

A light that is used to illuminate a part of a specific work.

For some of the work surface illumination requirements are high, but the work surface density is not big place, if only equipped with general lighting, will greatly increase the installed power, resulting in energy waste. Then, for the local work surface needs high illumination and the direction of the irradiation is required, can install local lighting. But in a work place, should not only be installed if only local lighting, with local lighting, without general lighting, brightness contrast tend to form local operations and the workplace is too strong, thus affecting the visual.

(4) mixed lighting

The light which is composed of general lighting and local lighting. For the location of the work requires a higher vision, and the direction of the special requirements of the radiation, often using mixed lighting.

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