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How to choose the bathroom mirror headlights?

Because of the building function, the vast majority of the bathroom mirror installation position will have natural light conditions are good, and the bathroom lamps for general lighting can not meet the parts of the lighting requirements, so the mirror lamp will become the auxiliary facilities in the bathroom mirror indivisible. Whether it is in the bedroom, or in a hotel room, or in the public places of the bathroom, ceiling mounted mirror lamps above, both sides of the mirror, because of its type and the installation position of the improper selection of possible human face blurred, dark complexion and black eyed orbit, flat nose and so on. Obviously, we do not want to be a good image of the light distortion, then, what kind of lighting is what we really need?

First, consider the direction of the light. The light must be able to illuminate the face of the vast majority of people, that is, the position of the lamp must be in front of the face, about the same vertical with the mirror.

Secondly, the position of the lamp should not be lower than the face, in order to avoid the deviation of make-up, to know that you go out of the bathroom, the natural light and most of the place of artificial lighting is illuminated from the upper direction. Also in order to avoid the creation of bias, the color of the light source to be as high as possible.

Finally, it is recommended that the use of diffuse light, the light is soft and not dazzling, and the shadow of the facial expression is rich.

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