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How to observe the lighting distribution box is good or bad?

In the past few years, the use of a wooden switch with a switch or pull switch, because of its beauty and safety, has been eliminated. In the guest rooms, corridors, offices and other places, the widespread use of dark and dark type switch socket; and in a restaurant, lobby and ballroom is equipped with a large number of light but also need to focus on the control switch, is suitable for lighting distribution box. The lighting distribution box is made of steel plate, which is made into suspension or embedded wall type, which can be assembled according to the needs of a number of small low-voltage circuit breaker (also known as automatic air switch). Some types of circuit breakers also increase the leakage switch and signal lights, etc.. The new type of lighting distribution box has been widely used in lighting switch, small capacity power distribution and lighting switch control because of its flexible assembly, strong interchangeability, compact structure, beautiful and safe waiting point.


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