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Soft interior lighting design of China Hard Rock Hotel

The front of the color glass surface through a row of low - pressure - point - type light stressed that it looks shiny, the back of the stone wall is a wide beam of light as the background lighting. Button the reception counter is used above the cortex warm white LED lamp, LED lamp hidden type table highlights the texture from the front, at the same time did not lead to overheating or appear narrow space problems. On the ceiling of the lobby center, the concealed cold light lamps provide the necessary environmental lighting. In order to highlight the hotel lobby space is smooth, groove leaf shaped ceiling is installed in the concealed cold color lamps, their installation scattered in various locations, provides soft diffuse lighting for the entire space, but also with the hotel entrance established visual contact. In order to express the different space mood, to create a comfortable feeling, but also to reduce energy consumption, lobby lighting using a central control system. According to the intensity of the natural light in the space, as well as the different activities, the light will be adjusted and changed over time.

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