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Hotels, hotels, theaters and other places of capacity lighting switch and power socket selection skills?

2) lighting switch and power socket control many kinds of modern lighting appliances, should be chosen correctly according to different control capacity and the use of occasions. For hotels, hotels, theaters and dance halls and other large capacity lighting system. Often with a switch to control the number of its more than and 10 lamps, the circuit breaker must be used as a control device. Low voltage circuit breaker has the advantages of beautiful appearance, large rated current and good protection performance. The lighting system of small capacity, such as offices, schools, factories, residential, hotel, office, is usually a switch control only one or two dozens of watt or one hundred or two hundred watt lamps, as long as the control current below 4A, usually do not have the special air switch, lighting switch instead of using a small capacity the. Lighting switch early: pull switch or move the switch (also known as ping-pong switch, rocker switch or switch), in addition to the desk lamp and fan set electric power socket. With the way this kind of lighting switch and socket mostly use wood board Zhi, not beautiful, not safe enough, seesaw switch is now all recessed (also known as flush plate switch) and built-in socket panel replaced. Dark panel switch and socket size has a national standard, that is, the height of the panel shall be 86mm, known as the 86 series. Concealed panel socket

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