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How to interpret the elegant lighting atmosphere (two)

The synagogue facade niches within 8 statues of scientists who set the statue, and white stone, the sculpture with deep blue steel, which is difficult to use the light to illuminate,

Even if the lighting effect is not ideal, because the lamp is set at the front and bottom, will expose the lamp, but also to create a large area behind the shadow of the sculpture. Therefore, designers are excluded in the front and at the bottom of the statue spotlights set approach, and the use of light hidden in the statue on both sides of the bottom and rear side, although the statue of brightness is not high, but to illuminate the niche, forming the silhouette effect, highlighting the statue of the shore posture, add artistic atmosphere.

The project group also selected on the lamp set position, height, direction, projection angle and light distribution of the building in all directions batted, observation will not appear glare. In addition, the design for the overall balance from conception, effect, investment and maintenance, based on protecting effect, try to optimize the amount of unnecessary lighting, avoid excessive lighting and energy consumption, reduce the damage of lamps on frequent generated behind the maintenance workload, in order to save the initial investment and maintenance costs.

Project outdoor lighting total power consumption 8.4KW, lighting power density (LPD) of 1.8W/m2, much lower than the "urban landscape lighting design specification" in the limited value of such buildings 3.3W/m2.

In the project design, the designer in addition to art from the perceptual point of view to create light taste, really pay attention to more rational aspects, such as control of the number of lamps, save the cost and reduce the replacement and maintenance, reduce glare and concealed lamps. Cheap cheap investment does not mean the effect of streamer Yan color may behind the bland and unsustainable development in the warm lighting market, blindly follow the brightness, chroma, degree of innovation and the amount of cost and the lack of rational thinking on It is quite common for, design. Effectively protect the quality of lighting and the organic combination of appropriate, rational lighting design and construction, is the starting point and destination of this case.

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