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"Home box" lighting design analysis (two)

Some of the "box" of the facade, according to the specific circumstances of its interior design, the use of linear wall wash lights will wash the facade, emphasizing its independence, the formation of a prominent space in a light box. In addition, according to the different "box" shape, do a variety of lighting treatment, such as "suspended" in the box on the ground, at the bottom of the box with a light tank to enhance the performance of the suspension.

The "box" generally use embedded energy-saving lighting lamp, a slightly higher illumination environment than the difference between the box and the open. For a specific function and theme, but also the use of a specific lighting, such as lamps, spotlights and light trough, to create a more warm atmosphere. There are a few boxes did not set the window, the designer in the box inside the use of cold light LED light box, simulated natural light through the white pane into the room, the establishment of indoor and outdoor links. Medical room wall with a cold colored LED spotlights, light small box and the decorations inside.

Swimming pool space using a simple and lively style of hanging lamps. Hemispherical prism glass cover not only reduces glare, but also a part of the light scattered on the walls and ceiling, the entire space light. For safety reasons, the luminaire is mounted on the roof of the climbing frame to be installed outside the ceiling of the child's reach,

Also on the facade and the climbing frame corresponding to the installation of lamps, so that the depth of the various layers of climbing the light.

On the two floor above the top of a few holes, using a lens with a cool HID light source projection lamp, light through the glass into a layer of ground, in the first floor, as if from the skylight under the sun. Two children after the shadow to a layer of the ground, increasing the contact between the layers, the children can also in two layers of glass on the ground and doodle or hand shadow, increase the interest.

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