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Beijing School of international business of China and the European Union: the lighting method of learning style (two)

Between blocks without any extra investment in such a light, away from the hustle and bustle of Taoyuan, building into the surrounding environment without zhise.

In contrast, on the south side of the regular grid system provides a more exciting expression space. There is a mass, depth pane provides more than the usual mounted on the frame structure of the media facade more broad and deep space, light and interior facade lighting with each other, thus providing the enjoyment for the audience, the weakening of the common media facade can only far view and not in goods the sense of distance.

Lighting designer specially designed in the framework of the asymmetric distribution of light LED lamps. Install the upper position in the metal frame near the indoor side, color spray for the gold, and the framework of the same distribution, connected with the control circuit is composed of a window frame, from the room to see, the lamp is part of a frame structure, the light source part of the block to ensure that the indoor and outdoor are not directly see the light source, with asymmetric precise light the maximum energy concentrated in the metal within the pane. Considering the wall itself gold material, LED light source lamp selection 2700K warm color tunable optical and electrical system, in response to appropriate curtain wall color and texture, and realize the whole control through the DMX 512 system, the formation of the dynamic effect of media facade.

Due to the construction of the scale with the right curtain wall elements, architecture, landscape, lighting, and music perfect integration.

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