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China Europe International Business School Beijing Campus: College style lighting techniques (I)

CEIBS Beijing campus is located in the Zhongguancun Software Park, the architect's grasp of space freely, the most important feature of the elevation is five square boxes on the arc base. The golden grille on the base of the building makes the building delicate,

Bring interesting variations to the campus.

Block different forms of interludes, the overall appearance of the arc, founder of the dark stone, at certain angles under the restrained and refined, showing the world belly top business school professional, rigorous learning style, and in some other angles show a distinctive sharp, bright golden grid, clear glass curtain wall, sharp the point of view, always remind visitors, this is the pioneering and ideological confrontation, where the collision sparks. It's a building, but it's not just a building.

On the north side of the window a curtain wall system for indoor and outdoor spaces for dialogue. During the day, natural light through the glass, not only to meet the functional needs of the shared street, but also the outdoor scenery into the room. The metal panes, like curtains, provide the necessary privacy for the interior. At night, the curtain was opened, restrained from Guanghua lattice window between faintly, revealing the elegant, refined; the upper box is bright and clear, suggesting that an open, open space.

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