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Hotel LED lighting transformation in our country faces

At present, our country is energy conservation and emissions reduction across the big action, such as hotel industry have called for, and actively explore a new way of energy saving, with the help of a professional energy-saving lighting, LED lamp, LED lamp, LED tube light, LED bulb light, such as technology, saving energy and reducing consumption has become a large hotel and other industries to achieve energy saving target "a novel". But to use LED lighting in every area hotel, at present also has limitations, difficult operation and implementation effect is not obvious. 
Aimed at the development obstacle facing the hotel LED lighting transformation, the reporter interviewed Singapore price depth lighting design consulting co., LTD., professional lighting design consultancy Xu Qingliu chief hotel, he doesn't think the initial cost is high, the LED technology is mature such as heat dissipation, color rendering index, light distribution are restricting hotel LED lighting transformation. 
High initial cost 
Each said of the current LED lighting products in the process of application promotion what difficulties encountered, "high cost" this factor is many insiders cliches. For LED lighting in the hotel renovation, Xu Qingliu think the biggest problem or out on the cost, especially the initial purchase cost is too high. Despite the obvious advantages compared with the conventional lighting LED lighting, can save thirty percent electricity, but due to the early stage of LED lighting is too expensive, many hotels are heading for the hills. For example, he said, in the most ordinary LED lights to calculate, it is the price of the two to four times the current use of energy-saving lamps, the hotel catering the need money circulation industry quickly, the money is huge. And need more complex optical, thermal and driven design. 
"For star hotel, the initial cost is not the problem, two or three years later, taken monthly save electricity every year, still can save a lot of money, using assembly would have lower total cost than traditional lamps and lanterns, many hotel owners are willing to try. But for budget hotels, already don't have much money, if prices fall in LED lighting, they also will consider to use." Xu Qingliu said. 
And LED from large-scale production can reduce costs and improve yield, technology innovation, encapsulate these into consideration, and much more urgent need to solve problems in industry is the LED lighting system reliability and reduce the cost, it is also full access to a key in the field of lighting. 
The technology is immature -- 
Exhortation to photosynthetic efficiency, ignore the color rendering index 
In the field of LED lighting, grumbling among more hot spot is the LED more compared with the traditional light source is more energy-efficient, application range, higher luminous efficiency. Xu Qingliu it is true that most of the industry will focus on improving photosynthetic efficiency, devotion to smooth effect is not desirable. When see LED lighting must attach importance to its color rendering index, speak only lights, ignore the color rendering index is of no practical significance. 
Lamps and lanterns of LED lamps and lanterns, color rendering index is a comparative value of light and the sun, the purpose is to reflect the true color a matters a value, in the LED lamps and lanterns is in effect on the brightness. Color rendering index of high and low, is the key to product quality and effect of parameters. 
Because of the number of lumens limit, the warm color to reach the best effect, the CRI LED lamps and lanterns of 75 above, the superiority of the product is high, is the color rendering index improved. But the question now is that the market is not high to the requirement of color rendering index. If to fixed value of color rendering index, can also improve the brightness of the method is changing accessories phosphor powder, silver glue, etc. If you use the imported chips and can also improve the warm white color rendering index. Xu Qingliu think, color rendering index commonly more than 80 are difficult, although can be achieved, but the luminous flux and color rendering index is inversely proportional, high color rendering index, luminous flux decreases, brightness also can't meet the requirements of set. 
Heat dissipation is difficult to guarantee 
In recent years, some economic developed countries in the world there was intense competition around LED the development of the technology competition. The LED heat dissipation has always been a problem to be solved. Research data show that if the LED chip junction temperature is 25 degrees of luminescence is 100%, then the junction temperature rise to 60 degrees, the count was only 90%; Junction temperature is 100 degrees when it fell to 80%; 140 degrees is only 70%. Visible to improve heat dissipation, junction temperature control is very important thing. "LED heat dissipation is the LED lamps and lanterns, one of the most important problems in the design of" Xu Qingliu said. 
"Existing LED lighting design, often heat to meet the requirements, in the field of a heat dissipation is very demanding, but use the passive cooling way is very poor, and more is air-cooled, even the enclosed air cooling," Xu Qingliu calm. As some lamps and lanterns is between the driver board and aluminum heat sink to add plastic sleeve in order to increase the reliability of insulation, filling and heat dissipation silica gel to increase the cooling capacity is needed. 
The savoy hotel refused to use LED lighting 
Xu Qingliu said: "now the hotel less using LED lighting in public area, is commonly with halogen lamps, and guest room use morer." 
Known as the "London's most famous hotel" - the savoy hotel proves this point. Contrast MR16 halogen lamp and LED lamp, the savoy refused the use of LED lighting, because its characteristics weakened the warm feeling, color is too light or too dark, also can let a guest feel uncomfortable. 
As the savoy lighting international chief lighting designer ChrisLewis think of: "the customer to come up with a warm and luxury hotel, which is the selling point of the hotel," he said, "halogen lamp is our lighting the main body, but after irradiation, embedded wall, glass cylinder as light and shelf lighting customers don't pay attention to the place will use LED lighting." 

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