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Five key points of architectural lighting design

The development of LED lighting lamps for a long time, its future application is very broad, in addition to energy saving, using its security and long life is we should pay more attention! An important link in lighting engineering is inside the building, to beautify the city environment, improve the overall image of the city. In shopping malls, tourist attractions, the street traffic and more people are lighting.

The overall planning, nightscape lighting engineering

In order to advance planning is predictable and the lighting project preparation, the incidence of emergency relief. General night lighting engineering companies will ignore this step flow. Of course, many of the lighting engineering companies because they have to undertake a lot of lighting projects, that have enough experience, it is omitted. But good lighting engineering company, should be more from the perspective of consumers to consider the issue. For example, the process of the project, the project budget, the details of the project should be more detailed the better. This is reflected in the professional performance of lighting engineering company.

The overall design two, nightscape lighting engineering

Design this link is one of the most difficult decisions following the tedious steps. Customers and contractors will have a blueprint. How to combine the two blueprints is a difficult task. Each lighting project will be released a lot of design. Professional team will do, and customer communication, understanding what the customer needs to achieve the effect of the design style, in accordance with the budget and reasonable design. Strive for excellence in every lighting project.

Three, lamps procurement lighting project

This link is one of the most customers are most concerned about the link. Usually due to some of the construction team to cut corners, directly affect the quality of the project. Therefore, a good lighting engineering team should be specific procurement processes, specific prices, etc., as far as possible transparent.

The construction quality of four, nightscape lighting engineering

Construction quality management of key parts and difficult parts of the construction quality also put forward clear requirements to construction difficulties and key parts to enhance the quality of the project supervision. This is a good lighting project must be strictly grasp part. And should often invite customers to visit the construction site, often communicate with customers.

Five, lighting project in the customer service service

After the construction of always leave some small problems. Lighting engineering company should do a good job of after-sales service protection.


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