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Urban green landscape lighting design skills

With the change of city residents to rest and we need to constantly improve the city green space, we not only hope in the daytime, but also hope to enjoy the beautiful landscape in the night. So, urban green landscape lighting design tips have those?

1): by induction lighting light source lighting target induction line itself will be highlighted. In plant landscape lighting used in the first string its effect is hanging on in addition to decorate the crown of dense conifer trees chaozhuo tree induction.

2): also known as backlit silhouette lighting, the trees in black, light and the tree after the wall was uniform and soft, and then form a contrast light. More suitable for small trees and geometric shape of beautiful plants.

3) moonlight lighting: lighting installation suitable range in the tree, some downward lighting to attack a mottled image, some upward lighting, the leaves will be lit, so a mottled shadow attack effect, it seems like the lighting.

Shot lighting: 4) is one of the most commonly used way to plant landscape lighting, lighting refers to the light up projection and illuminate the object, can be used to represent the texture of tree sculpture. Lamps can be fixed on the ground or installed on the ground.

5) under illumination: Contrary shot lighting, first surface or a superior plant characteristics, together with the other features on the contrasting of the illumination. The downward illumination is suitable for the blooming flowers, because most of the flowers are turned up. Installed in the wall flower and trees under the spotlight can meet this need.


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