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Basic skills of landscape lighting design

The general steps, landscape lighting design:

(a) analysis of relevant information;

1, understand the garden city cultural and historical characteristics of the surrounding landscape lighting; similar gardens.

2, understand the design positioning of the landscape designer landscape.

(two) proposed design concept;

1, analysis of the landscape environment and landscape features, summarize the useful elements of landscape lighting design.

2, proposed landscape lighting design concept.

(three) lighting analysis;

Analysis of 1, garden route, visitors can tour the line according to the ornamental gardens for the visual focus and the tour line of each landscape node relationship between primary and secondary. (a brief introduction, the implementation of functional lighting)

Analysis of 2, landscape node function, deduce the design style of each node and the implementation of the landscape lighting brightness must meet.

Analysis of 3, according to the analysis of the main scene, garden route analysis and landscape node function, summarize several main viewpoints in the garden, forming a large visual scene.

(four) deepening lighting design

Deepen the process of design, landscape lighting design of the scene must be closely linked to the overall design concept, in the above analysis under the guidance of landscape lighting, designed in accordance with the primary and secondary nodes of the landscape landscape lighting intensity, the observed sequence relationship.

The design performance of two different types of Landscape:

(1) architecture nightscape

Buildings are the most commonly used night lighting, lighting, contour lighting, glass lighting etc..

Floodlight facade is light (Fan Guang) a certain angle of the lamp according to the design calculation of the direct irradiation of a building, the building of night image reconstruction. The effect can not only show the whole picture of the building, but also can effectively show the shape of the building, the three-dimensional feeling, the decorative stone material and the material texture, and even the decoration detail processing.

Lighting is not simply to reproduce the image of buildings during the day, but the use of light, color and shadow means of lighting, reshaping the buildings more moving, beautiful, majestic image in the night.

Building outline lighting is the use of line source (string lights, neon lights, Meinai lamp, light pipe, LED light, surface light emitting optical fiber etc.) directly draw the outline of a building. The use of a narrow beam of light to illuminate the edge of the building can also play a role in outlining.

The lamp light in lighting is the use of indoor light or transmission device in a special location inside the building outward from the light, the formation of the lighting effect of exquisitely carved.

(two) square nightscape lighting

Square shape and the area of various styles and no setting, set the lighting to meet the functional lighting must seize the premise, according to the inherent characteristics of the square, square and give full play to the function of.

Plaza landscape lighting, landscape lighting and first of all to the square parts of buildings around the square of the unified lighting, the lighting coordination between the road square and around the square are consistent, the inherent cultural unity.

The main plaza lighting: fountain, square ground and markers, tree array, underground shopping malls or subway entrances and lights around the green, garden environment lighting components.

(three) bridge lighting

Modern bridge cables of cable-stayed bridge system modernization, a single tower cable-stayed cable-stayed, Twin Towers. The cable-stayed bridge is characterized by its shape. Bridge lighting will be to highlight the main characteristics, with different lighting and unique artistic techniques, a large harp stands in the river, the river.

The overall effect to heighten the festive atmosphere of the bridge, the bridge on both sides along the road, every 4-5 meters can be placed 1 art lamps, the chain into a shining pearl necklace.

The floodlighting of the facade of the main tower can be divided by the following three aspects to cast light on the main tower, according to a clear, spotless, majestic this is the priority among priorities of the bridge landscape.

In order to make main tower all light, good perspective effect, should also set the platform in the road, tower part with floodlights illuminate the water from top to bottom of the upper part of the tower lighting effect like a giant standing in the river.

(four) tower landscape lighting

Usually consists of several tower base, tower, tower and other basic parts, they form a harmonious whole. The architect gives the corresponding meaning of each part in the design. They all have a corresponding role or function, from an aesthetic point of view, its aesthetic value lies in the erection of a landmark for a region. So the full lighting performance of various tower body part is very important, only the performance of a part or a whole image alienation tower will favour one more than another.

The tower lighting set to consider viewing needs. The top part is usually used for remote viewing, lighting brightness should be high; part of the tower is often carrying rich details and architectural style, should be targeted to choose lighting techniques, detailed characterization of the tower components and carving, with emphasis on lighting technique will be the main part of the tower on the outstanding performance of the tower base; is part of the lighting performance of the neighbor, is part of the integrity of the tower body to complete the image, they set the lighting to take into account people close watching the feeling, in the lighting brightness, light color, light projection direction and other aspects of the configuration, to the visual comfort as the goal. As far as the whole tower body is concerned, the illumination intensity of illumination light should be gradually increased from bottom to top, which can lead to a sense of high rise and the visual rules when people watch the scenery.

(five) overpass landscape lighting

Overpass is often in city traffic routes, is an important part of the overall effect of city landscape lighting. Watch the overpass from the distance high point, is on a walk, and then scattered lane. The image of the driveway is mainly shown by the railings on the side of the road. Overpass is a multi-level, multi Lane vertical overlap, as well as the performance of the vertical depth of the relationship, in order to truly reflect the charm of the overpass landscape.

In overpass area to landscape environment for regulating the bridge area set up green, green space has an important role, should make full use of.

From the point of view high overpass panoramic pattern, both lane edge contour lines, and the green light composition and light sculpture, and bridge area street formed bright line, these light elements together, forming an organic whole picture.

(seven) trees landscape lighting

Trees are one of the four major elements of the landscape. A wide variety of trees, different shapes, in addition to beautify the environment, for people to watch, but also to regulate and protect the environment. Lighting should be based on the tree height, size, shape and color features of distinction.

(eight) of the park road lighting function

Lighting method Park Road: the road landscape context, from the entrance will visitors to various scenic spots. The path twists and turns, to create a different walking scene, Qujingtongyou effect. Lighting methods should be closely linked to this feature.

(nine) sculpture landscape lighting

In garden sculpture, logo, is a kind of ornamental; the other is the memorial. From the characteristics of lighting sculpture, especially for key parts such as the head, demeanor, material, color and the surrounding environment, the light from the front side from top to bottom, not uniform irradiation, so as to cause the lighting effect, suitable for real air brilliance and strong sense of three-dimensional. Narrow beam lamps should be equipped with appropriate light source, to avoid the direction of the visitors, to prevent glare interference.

(ten) ancient architecture landscape lighting

China has become an independent school of classical architecture, its own system, has its own inherent characteristics, and other materials used in the plane and space layout of the. The main building in the center, other buildings are based on the central axis to both sides. The form of the building is basically composed of three parts: the base, the roof and the house.

Chinese classical building roof is often made of soft curves around the eaves above stilts, covered with schungite tile or glass tile, which is one of the inherent characteristics of China classical architecture itself. Therefore, it is the key of Chinese classical architecture to accurately grasp the characteristics and highlight it in the form of light in the night.

With the arranged in a crisscross pattern stacked Duanmu arch, a unique form of classical architecture China. Liang Zhu arch painting, through the bright and colorful pattern to increase the beauty of the building. The use of appropriate lamps and lanterns to select the appropriate light source is the focus of Chinese classical architectural lighting.

In order based in Chinese light processing of classical architecture layout, shape, color and materials are different from the modern architecture, so in the lighting light, color, lamp shape should be to highlight the ancient architectural features, and strive to accurately express the unique classical architectural culture and art connotation as the starting point.

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