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Factors influencing the measurement of visual environment assessment

For the physical side, we can generally grasp the various factors affecting the side value. Therefore, the measurement error can be simply treated as a random error. Moreover, the error range of the general and the required accuracy is very small compared to, even if not up to the required precision, if necessary, you can also think of ways to reduce the error, the methods to improve the precision of measurement can be seen everywhere in reality.

But there are a lot of factors that can affect the amount of psychological side, so it is impossible to grasp or difficult to master. In order to light efficiency ratio curve as an example. If there is no relation between the different wavelengths of monochromatic light and the psychology, the efficiency ratio curve can not be obtained. In general, the subjects were asked to look at two different wavelengths of light. In order to make the subjects feel the same brightness of the two kinds of light, the method of adjusting the intensity of light was used. But if two different wavelengths of light, feel the colors are different, when viewing the different colors of light, only extracting light by comparing the intensity of feeling is very difficult. According to the influence of the experimentally obtained values may be measured elements. How to select these factors as experimental conditions, there may be various options according to the purpose of the experiment. For example, although the purpose is determined, but the conditions of the elements can not be determined, it is often unable to grasp. At present, the light efficiency ratio curve is based on the 2 degree visual field, the central field of view and the flicker condition. This value is not universal, only considering the distribution of visual nerve on the retina, the size of the deviation, etc..

Psychological evaluation experiment is based on the different experimental conditions, the measured value has the possibility to change within a certain range. Therefore, the purpose of the experiment is to consider what the impact of the measurement of the number of elements, if the elements of the error value of the error will be measured on the basis of the number of carefully selected to determine the experimental program. Sometimes in the absence of an important factor in the context of the impact of the beginning of the experiment, this situation must be caused by the recovery, as far as possible to avoid. For those who want to control and can not control the conditions, if the impact on the side of the magnitude of the relationship is not too small to count the value of the.

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