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Deviation of measured value of visual environment

The deviation of the measured values from the general evaluation is very large. The reason is that the home is not clear. Some elements are difficult to grasp, so there should be a variety of values (only one value is wrong).

If there is only one value, and the cause of the error can be treated as a random error, as long as the necessary data, the average value can be obtained;

Second, although only one value, but because of uncontrollable factors, think to each side of the value system error, simply take the average sometimes is not correct, no general solution of this kind of situation, only according to the specific situation to find solutions. For example, if the value is changed in a certain direction because of repeated judgment, if the line is changed, the measured value can be fitted by a straight line. If there is greater than the larger value, smaller than the small value of the deviation, if the deviation value is up and down symmetry, it is desirable to average, but in this case can only be considered that the distribution is not normal distribution;

Not sure if only one value, but also the actual coffin to a value, to pay attention to the general average. Don't try to find a value other than that.

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