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Iron oxide (TIO) as a white pigment, ultraviolet radiation absorbing material and widely used in the production of ink, cosmetics and other raw materials, but also can be used as food additives, is recognized as a cheap and safe material. In addition, it also has the characteristics of N type semiconductor, as a light electrode or catalyst, has long been noted that can also be used in solar energy conversion materials. Recently, the use of Tiq film coated materials, not for special light sources, but found to have the effect of dust. That is, if the high activity of light on the surface of the surface of the material, you can see a very obvious dust effect (with its own cleaning effect). Tiq only absorbs ultraviolet light and is colorless, it will not have a great impact on all kinds of materials. In this paper, the catalyst is introduced as the catalyst.

For the research of photocatalyst, more than 20 years ago, the research direction has changed several times. One direction is the application of environmental pollution. If you look back on the history of photocatalyst, can be traced back to the discovery of light can be used to study the decomposition of water, which was discovered in early 1970, has now been called the Honda Fuji island effect". This reaction is likely to be the iron semiconductor, when the light on the Tiq, the surface of the light energy is converted to chemical energy, so that the surface of the water into hydrogen and oxygen. If the use of photocatalytic oxidation of strong decomposition ability, can be antibacterial, dust, deodorization, purification environment.

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