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The characteristics of CG and the steps of image generation

Compared with the general method of making small model, the CG has the ability to freely

Set viewpoint and fixation point,

Changes in the properties of the object (specular or diffuse reflectance, refractive index and style, etc.) two advantages. In the light of the discussion of the lighting design, there is a great degree of freedom in setting the parameters of illumination (light distribution, spectral distribution, position). So we can object properties and illumination parameters are given and the reality is very close, if the faithful performance physical and optical properties of CG software in the design stage can be very accurate lighting design is very practical, which in practice.

CG generated by the image of the basic steps shown below. The image is a collection of images, and the color of the pixel is determined by the pixels of the object (the visual surface is extracted or hidden).

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