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Energy efficiency control strategy: job adjustment control

In a large space, it is necessary to maintain a constant illumination. The system can adjust the lighting system by adjusting the operation. Changes in the local small environmental lighting, for example, to change the local environment of workers to reduce the corridor, lounge lighting. Another advantage is that it can give the staff the power to control their own environment, which will help the employees to be happy and improve the productivity. Typically, this strategy is achieved by changing a lamp or a few lights, using a local dimming panel or using an infrared, wireless remote control, etc..

Balance tomorrow load control

In order to make full use of the capacity of the power system, the concept of real-time electricity price is put forward, that is, the price varies with different time periods of the day. China has launched the "tou", the price will be divided into the peak period, the usual period and valley period, electricity peak demand price, low price low, encourage people to demand peak time electricity power, to balance the energy load curve.

Intelligent lighting control system can reduce the level of illumination of a part of the non critical area at the peak of the power demand, so as to reduce the power consumption of air conditioning refrigeration, and reduce the cost of electricity.

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