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How to maintain the flux control?

Maintain flux control

The illuminance standard specified in the lighting design standard is to maintain the illuminance, that is to say, to maintain the illumination value at the end of the maintenance period. So, to provide a new lighting system installed the illumination than this number high 20% to 35%, to guarantee the luminous flux of the light source light attenuation, dust, dust and other indoor ground, in the maintenance period does not meet the standard of illumination. Maintain the flux strategy is defined according to the standard of illumination, lighting system to reduce installation power supply, reducing the initial luminous flux of the light source, and in the maintenance period has not reached the maximum power supply, so as to reduce each light source in the whole life period of energy consumption.

To maintain the flux control, the method is realized by the combination of illuminance sensor and dimming control. However, when a large number of lamps and lanterns use this control mode, the initial investment will be very large; moreover, the control mode requires all the lights to be replaced at the same time, and can not consider the early replacement of some lamps.

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