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How to control light?

Once humans learn to use light in the dark, they need to control light. The brightness control of the lighting system is called dimming. Lighting control light control of the "open" and "off" control, in fact, dimming control of the two extremes, in this sense, "switch" control can also belong to dimming control range. The development of light source has promoted the application of lighting technology, the improvement of the living standard of modern home and the potential market demand.

Here are several important factors to promote the development of lighting dimming technology:

(1) provide appropriate working lighting brightness, improve lighting environment, improve work efficiency.

(2) to adapt to the needs of different scenes of the atmosphere lighting, flexible changes in light and dark and color, foil theme.

(3) to meet the psychological needs of the aesthetic, such as buildings, squares and other landscape lighting, dynamic display, flexible, strengthen the art of static objects.

(4) saving energy. Reasonable dimming to improve lighting efficiency, reduce energy consumption, extend the life of light sources, reduce maintenance costs. Dimming can also achieve the lighting needs of complex light, reducing the number of lamps to replace the maximum use of light sources, to avoid the use of complex and expensive lamps, cost savings.

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