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Distinctive Barr AI Jissah resort outdoor lighting design

In the outdoor parking lot, only the application of functional lighting, all roads and trails through from palm trees and other vegetation or surface light by indirect illumination with illumination, have remained at a very low level, so as to create a comfortable atmosphere and good visual comfort. The main beach is a natural heritage preserve for the protection of sea turtles, and the lighting design is to avoid any visible white light spilling over the beach. The lighting design team some local color in the color locking configuration for each space, the resort has a set of color sequence, the interaction of color and illumination level, obtain strong guidance function of road lighting design, the distinctive characteristics of each destination become the visual identity, thereby reducing the demand for road signs. Only on the cliff above the Al Husn restaurant, in order to use a special eye-catching jump off the overall color. The bright blue wash smallpox, make it far away in the region can be seen, attracting non hotel guests come from Muscat dining resort.

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