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Barr AI Jissah resort lighting design equipment sharing

Overall, the lighting designer positioned the project as "green", and LDPi persuaded the owners of the hotel and catering sector to purchase a dimming control system for the entire project, including the outdoor part. The optical fiber scheme is used to overcome the LED by the available color superiority. As a sustainable solution, the cold cathode tube is widely used in the development of the project. The whole project has installed more than 7km cold cathode tube. The use of electronic controller can reduce nearly half of the circuit, to extend the life span of 45 thousand H (usually in the case of 8 years). Low level of illumination is the core concept of the resort, which makes it different from other similar projects in the same area and slightly unique. LDPi limit strictly specified outdoor lamp parameters: must be able to withstand continuous high temperature operation, must be able to adapt to highly corrosive environment. Therefore, when in June 6, 2007, when Hurricane Gonu hit Muscat, Barr Al Jissah losses are only limited to the vegetation damage degree very little lighting equipment.

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