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Barr AI Jissah resort banquet hall magic lighting effect

The main lighting of the banquet hall is supplied indirectly by the cold cathode light source which is used to wash the bright golden leaf shaped dark trough, and to supplement the two down type spotlight. First - class visual effects from the crystal beads of the ocean, where the placement of fiber optic end, which is full of dynamic and will change the color of smallpox produced. In the two story Al Bandar luxury staircase (AlBandar Grand Staircase), the suspension of crystal beads decorative lights, optical fiber installed in the end of each crystal beads, creating the effect of color and magic flicker. In the whole process of spa facilities, lighting designers will calculate the illuminance level sequence in place through the entrance to the exit, with the movement of light sweep to carve a traditional Oman patterns of the metal partition, thus making interesting patterns of light and shade, smooth visual help guests to easily complete the transition from the glare of the sun to the indoor outdoor low illumination conditions.

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