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Glittering! Barr AI Jissah resort wonderful night view

Barr AI Jissah resort from Oman of Sultan's capital city 15 minutes, covers an area of 124 acres (about 501810.2m2), including Al Husn (with 180 suites and guest rooms of the "Castle"), AI Bandar (with 198 rooms and meeting facilities of the "small town"), and Waha (with family oriented AI the 302 room "oasis"). The hotel complex features 6 main dining rooms, 7 lounge bars, 3 lounge halls, 3 private beaches, a total of 2 bars, and a total of 1 nightclubs as well as a Chi spa with a total of 12 nursing homes. Lighting design requirements highlight the different characteristics of the hotel in a variety of space, and the natural environment, and in line with the positioning of high-quality resorts, suitable for full use of the year.

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