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Definition of urban lighting

The picture shows the lighting design and construction of Leshan City

Urban lighting includes urban functional lighting and urban landscape lighting. National documents issued by the Ministry of construction, a clear explanation of the existing city lighting, city lighting that is a general term for city lighting and landscape lighting, mainly refers to the city within the scope of the roads, streets, residential areas, bridges, tunnels, squares, parks, and public green building features such as lighting and landscape lighting at night.

In other words, the term "urban lighting" refers to the permanent fixed lighting facilities in an outdoor public land, as well as the lighting provided by the outdoor or indoor lighting system in the building. In addition to meet the functional requirements of lighting, but also in the use of lighting lighting will be the object to make the landscape remodeling, combined organically into a harmonious, beautiful and distinctive landscape pictures, in order to show a city or region image of the night.

The first is that city residents of city lighting at night life to provide the necessary illumination for the purpose, following with the development of city, not only provides a visual environment using functional light for people of all night activities, but also through a variety of brightness, color, direction, and it's two times to create a space of city effect to influence the human the psychological and emotional characteristics of light.

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