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Urban lighting electrical lighting period

Because of modern science and technology into the city lighting, diverse style

In the second half of the nineteenth Century, the establishment of electromagnetic theory, the invention of the electric power plant, the establishment of power transmission and distribution lines, and the extensive application of electric power have brought about the miraculous change of the urban lighting construction. By 1920s, the city of New York, the United States has brought a great shock to the European landscape, to promote the construction of the European city lighting and quickly spread throughout the world. China's Shanghai in 1930s Shanghai is Ambilight, great success, can be said that the city lighting prototype has taken with power era.

After 1980s, people's demand for nightlife gradually increased, began to expect changes in the urban landscape. With the emergence of a new generation of LED light source, the use of colored light has become arbitrary, coupled with computer control and other technical means of continuous maturity, but also increased the night landscape changes in form and appeal. These represent the extension of modern urban functional lighting to landscape lighting, as well as the continuous improvement of urban lighting.

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