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The role and significance of green lighting

Lighting is one of the basic needs of the people's work and daily life, artificial lighting is through the consumption of electricity and electric light source into light energy to achieve, the electric power is a kind of high quality energy, the development of the national economy plays a very important role. Since the world energy crisis in 1900s, the international community has become increasingly aware of the importance of energy conservation and environmental protection. After a few times in the world energy crisis, people began to realize that a large number of fossil energy consumption not only have to pay more and more costly, but it will bring serious environmental problems, and ultimately endanger the survival and development of human beings. In this case, governments and people of insight have proposed to improve energy efficiency and slow down the deterioration of climate caused by energy use. In developed countries, the major part of fossil energy is used as a fuel for electricity generation. In modern society, electricity in the total electricity in a considerable weight of lighting, some developed countries in Europe and America about 19% or so, in developing countries the proportion of more than 10%, according to statistics of the International Commission on illumination, per capita total electricity consumption in 1960 is 2000kW h the world's 16 countries, 2000 increased to 10000kw - H. The annual per capita lighting electricity consumption in 1960 was 264kw h, in 2000 increased to 1200kW - H. As a developing country, China's per capita lighting electricity consumption is about 150KW, h, is still at a low level. It can be predicted that the future global lighting demand is still strong growth trend, green lighting will become the eternal theme of global energy conservation and environmental protection cause.

According to a research report published by the International Energy Agency in 2006, 19% of electricity and 3% of all global OECD countries and developed countries each year for lighting fuel consumption, the resulting carbon dioxide emissions of about 1 billion 900 million T, equivalent to the global light transport (cars, sport utility vehicles and motorcycle exhaust etc.) 70% of the total amount of carbon dioxide, such as new lighting energy saving measures are not taken, from 2005 to 2030, the global lighting energy consumption growth rate may reach 60%. The report also predicts that if inefficient lighting from the beginning of 2008 has been eliminated in the world, efficient lighting appliances, the use of the market available to 2030, the global lighting energy demand can be reduced by more than 38%, while reducing carbon dioxide emissions of 16 billion 600 million T, resulting in reduced lighting costs up to $26000, and each reduce h carbon dioxide emissions also can produce 156 yuan of net economic benefit, economic benefit is considerable.

The implementation of the green lighting ideas, although there is a great space to the people continue to study and explore, but there are some very mature methods, such as lighting and efficient alternative to traditional inefficient appliances, this method is considered in all energy-saving environmental protection measures, only by car traffic instead of energy saving and environmental protection the measures are riding a bicycle, a cost effective, simple and wide. The advantages of a large area of effect, to promote the development of global energy conservation and environmental protection, has very important significance to reduce the negative effects of climate change. At the same time, the environmental protection, healthy and sustainable light culture thought advocated by the green lighting has a special positive significance to the improvement of people's living quality and the construction of modern civilization.

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