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Conventional data configuration for halogen bulbs

Halogen bulb cylindrical surface that is easy to operate, and the operation, simple device, low cost and other reasons, generally using this method, but this method has a restricted number of coating and the complex shape of the light bulb, for uniform hard coating.

The requirements for the optical properties of the multilayer interference film of halogen lamp are high visible light transmittance and high infrared reflectivity. Other requirements of the film to be uniform, heat-resistant. On the basis of the study of many multilayer interference film materials, we can find that the high refractive index layer is mainly Tiq, followed by 513 N.Nb20, Ceq and so on. On the low refractive index layer, considering the heat factor is almost 510:. The application of multilayer interference film in the halogen lamp, there is just the use of impregnated coated infrared reflective film coating method in the cylindrical bulb, hoping to further improve the efficiency by increasing the number of layers, and through the development in the oval or spherical shaped bulb (surface) evenly coated with Huizhou multilayer film technology development, and promote efficient halogen lamps the new. In the future, the development trend of infrared reflective film will be to develop the material with good heat resistance, to improve the optical properties, and to find out the cheaper manufacturing methods.

The infrared reflective film can be used not only on halogen lamps, but also on other light sources. The technology of optical thin film, which is necessary for the ultraviolet, visible and infrared wavelength region, is not only used in the infrared reflection film, but also can be regarded as a direction for the future research and development of the light source.

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