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The application of light emitting tube material construction

The luminous tube material is made of transparent ceramics. Has developed a transparent ceramic Al: recognition, Mgo, YZq, Beo, GdZ Qiu, LIAI. 0, Cao, ThO:, PLZT and so on, the following will be introduced to the use of light-emitting diode AI: O: series, and is now being developed Y20: series.

AI: O3 transparent ceramics is on the pebble (Coble) found on the true density of sintering, then researchers at GE company with the help of manufacturing into products. The main causes are: O to AI, the volume of the main diffusion sintering material, and obtained by effective control with small amount of additive the effect of inhibiting crystal growth. Pebble (Coble) by MgO A120: containing trace elements formed by sintering in vacuum, or water vapor environment and become transparent, and use this hot pressing method is different, without limitation in shape, almost transparent ceramics can be obtained with arbitrary shape. A12O: is the optical anisotropy and the formation of MgO spinel phase by crystallization (MgAI: 0) along the grain boundary precipitation, as well as transparent sapphire and transparent, like Mao Borui, MgO added more components of this tendency is more obvious. If there is a certain degree of transparency, try to limit the amount of Mgo added, but in theory it can not be completely transparent body. If you want to use the material as light as the diffusion of light, many times you can use Mgo to maintain a high degree of transparency of the light. The current experiment shows that if the addition of 10 wt% of MgO, visible light of more than 90% of the human rays can be diffused light, if you can get more energy, including infrared.

The best feature of the light transmittance of alumina is good for the visible light and infrared light transmittance, GE uses this feature to develop a light source of the light-emitting tube. Through the high temperature and high pressure condition by discharge of sodium vapor in light, due to its high luminous efficiency of the lighting in the future will get wide application (see Section 2.3.3 of this chapter). Compared with single crystal, polycrystalline YAG good light permeability (Y: Al, O:) in superior mechanical properties, and belong to the soluble metal in the strong corrosion resistance of materials. Therefore, it is expected to be used in solid state laser material, light emitting tube material or high temperature structural materials. In the practical application, in addition to attention to light transmittance, but also should pay attention to mechanical characteristics. As for the core problem of the application of light emitting tube material, it is necessary to study the internal tension of the luminous tube. Because of the high temperature creep under the action of tension. In addition, we must understand the effect of sintering additives on the deformation of the AG ceramics, which is the influence of the specific cation ratio of the composite oxides. The high temperature creep properties of YAG ceramics, the effect of sintering additives, namely the specific cation ratio of composite oxides, can be used for reference. In addition, for high temperature ceramic master YAG extension characteristics, according to the comparative study on deformation behavior of YAG ceramics obtained from the diffusion coefficient and diffusion of oxygen and cation diffusion coefficients obtained from the experiment, and proved the YAG ceramic deformation diffusion coefficient and diffusion pathway related problems.

The general method of making YAG ceramics is as follows: after the YAG powder was precipitated uniformly, it was synthesized from the aluminum salt and aluminum salt. Ya AG powder after synthesis in the slip forming mold placed in a vacuum, x 10 Pa, 2 o23K temperature and firing. The relative density of sintered product is more than 9%. And the average particle diameter of 1.7 smooth transparent ceramics Bu M.

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